Snapshots of Datca, Turkey / by Steven Johnson

Hoscakal (Goodbye) Datca, merhaba (hello) Selcuk. We've now left Datca after spending the last two days on the Datca peninsula. Datca is a quaint little fishing town on a remote peninsula where the Agean and Mediterranean Seas meet. Knidos, an Ancient Greek city that dates back to 4th century B.C., lies at the tip of the peninsula. Knidos was apparently a bustling, cosmopolitan port city in its heyday, a far cry from the ruins it is now.

There is only one road in and out and so Datca is quite secluded and off the usual tourist trail, which was quite a change from Oludeniz. There seemed to be only a handful of English speaking people in the place, with the majority of people being locals or Turkish tourists, so it was quite an interesting experience for us. If only we could speak better Turkish! It was a beautiful place though, and the landscape on the peninsula is quite mountainous and spectacular, which makes for some interesting roads and driving experiences!