Snapshots of Assos / Behramkale, Turkey / by Steven Johnson

The next leg of our Turkey adventure was a short but romantic stay in Behramkale harbour just next to the ancient city of Assos.
We were glad to have stopped over at Behramkale on our trek from Selcuk to Eceabat/Gallipoli. The harbour and waterside hotels and restaurants are amazing, with plenty of fresh seafood to be had! The place feels like a little romantic hide away with only a few hotels and shops surrounding the harbour and the steep road down the mountain the only way in.
There isn't much remaining of the ancient city of Assos but the views from the hilltop city are spectacular and well worth the walk up the steep hill from the harbour, especially at sunset! I really wanted to visit the temple at sunset but unfortunately it was closed so I had to 'make do' with the views from the ancient city walls and theatre. I can't say that I was too disappointed with the views though.