2013 Highlights / by Steven Johnson

Wow 2013 has almost finished, where did the year go?! It was a big year for me personally as I married my beautiful wife Mandy in March and then went on our honeymoon (part 1) to Tasmania. In September we travelled for a month to Turkey, Paris and London. In the final few months of the year I started a big new project at work and then of course it was the crazy Christmas period. I also started the website and blog this year and decided to put a little more focus on my photography. I did find it tough at times to find the time to devote to my photography and updating this blog so hopefully I can improve things in this regard in the future, but who knows what life will throw up next year!

To finish the year off I thought I would compile a little "best of" to show what I think are some of my best images from the year.

As usual these or any of my other images can be purchased (in various forms and sizes).

This is the magnificent view of Mt Roland that we had from our accommodation at Eagles Nest Retreat. I could have got very use to waking up to this view every morning!

Cradle Mountain and Dove lake and the fantastic colours just as the sun was peaking over the horizon. A magnificent part of the world!

Unfortunately the morning we visited Cradle Mountain there were long periods where the peaks were hidden, I waited quite a while in this position but the clouds just didn't seem to cooperate and this was my best shot I managed to get with the mountain and boatshed. I think this still makes for a nice backdrop for the boatshed though!


The red rocks of Coles Bay with the The Hazards in the background.

Sunrise at Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. It was definitely worth the early morning rise and then hike to Wineglass Bay to experience sunrise here by ourselves!

A magical moment as the sun peeked through the clouds at Goat Island looking over Clayton Bay on the June long weekend.

A trail of rocks leading to the sun peaking over the horizon at the 'Chicken Run' in Basham Beach Conservation Park near Port Elliot, South Australia.

The magnificent architecture of the Blue Mosque, or Sultanahmet Mosque, in Istanbul Turkey. The Blue Mosque is the only mosque in Istanbul that has 6 minarets, and the legend of the 6 minarets is that the Sultan asked the architect for gold ('altin' in Turkish) minarets but the architect misunderstood it for 'alti' (six) minarets.

A lone fisherman tries his luck on a beautiful clear morning at Datca, Turkey

This is the memorial and cemetery at Lone Pine, which was the scene of a bloody battle between Aussie and Turkish troops during World War 1. It is believed that approximately 5000 Aussie and Turkish soldiers lost their lives in this small area.


We visited Claude Monet's garden at Giverny just out of Paris and what a beautiful place it is! You can certainly understand why Monet spent a lot of his time in his garden painting. While we there I couldn't not try recreating my own version of the classic Monet's Garden painting!