Lake Bonney / by Steven Johnson

I recently spent the weekend at the Riverland with the family, so I took the opportunity to get out for a morning photo shoot at Lake Bonney. If you haven't been to Lake Bonney then you need to check it out, especially at sunrise or sunset, as the trees around the edge of the lake make for some beautiful scenery.

We arrived at our accommodation at night so I didn't have a chance to scope out the area before the shoot. This meant I had to arrive at Lake Bonney in the morning well before dawn to give me a chance to explore the area in the dark and find a nice area to shoot. However I did do a bit of research on Google Earth prior and had found some areas that looked promising on the north western corner of the lake. The plan was to capture the lake from the western side looking over the water towards the rising sun. I managed to find some of the tracks I had seen on Google Earth and so I was able to drive the car down along the western edge of the lake in the dark and find an area that looked promising. Then it was a matter of getting out on foot and exploring! A major part of landscape photography for me is being out in nature and exploring new areas, and then capturing the beauty or feeling of these areas through photography. Even if I don't come away with any images that I am happy with I still enjoy the exploration and being out in nature!

The weather conditions on this morning were very still and clear so there weren't any cloud formations in the sky. This meant I had to focus on the trees around the edge of the lake and make use of the beautiful colour gradients in the sky formed by the rising sun. As you can see, the surface of the lake was glass-like so there were also fantastic reflections on the water. Some of the formations of the trees and their reflections are stunning, and very abstract looking in some cases, so hopefully I have done them justice!

I spent about an hour and a half walking along the western banks of Lake Bonney enjoying the amazing calm conditions. It was also quite cold so once the sun had risen and those beautiful colours started to dissipate I jumped back in the car, turned on the heater so I could defrost a little, and headed back to join the family for breakfast. It had been quite a while since I had managed to get out for a landscape shoot so I was excited to get back home and process the images, and then share them with you all.

I hope you enjoy my images from Lake Bonney, follow the links from the images to purchase prints, I am sure they would look fantastic on your wall!