Observe and Adapt by Steven Johnson

As a photographer, and particularly a landscape photographer, you need to be able to observe and adapt to the conditions. No matter how much you may plan and research a location or landscape things can and will change, and you need to be able to observe and adapt to these changes. These changes may happen during a shoot, or the changes may be in relation to your expectations from either a previous visit or from your research prior.

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Just Start by Steven Johnson

I was reading David duChemin's recent "thoughts on done" and as with most of David's writings it got me thinking. As an aside, if you haven't seen any of David's work, read any of his articles or books then I suggest you do as his work is always thought-provoking and inspirational! As I was reading David's post I was thinking about his idea that we should "just start" that new project (whatever it is) rather than waiting till we have it all figured out.

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